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The Dubai Frame is the new addition to the marvellous architecture the city boasts of. Consisting of two vertical towers of 150 meters height connected by a 100-square-meter bridge, the Dubai Frame is a highlight of the Dubai skyline. A tour of the Dubai Frame is a must if you do not have much time for sightseeing and also if you want to see entire city at once. The Dubai Frame has a museum and gallery where you can see the growth of Dubai from a simple fishing village to the ultra-modern city it is today with the use of photos and advanced technology. After visiting the museum, you take the elevator to the bridge to get a fascinating glimpse of the city. On one side is the charming old Dubai and on the other side is the modern new Dubai. You can also view the beautiful city while sipping delicious cup of coffee at the cafe on the bridge.If the Dubai Frame seems to be interesting, we can arrange the tickets for you. Along with the tickets, we also offer transportation that would pick up from and drop you off at your hotel.


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